LLP Registration in Coimbatore

LLP Registration in Coimbatore

LLP registration in Coimbatore is inevitable as the LLP has limited liability. If any insolvency occurs then the personal asset of the partners will not be touched. It will be limited to the liability itself. This feature is called limited liability. An important requirement is at least one designated partner must be the Indian resident.

There is no minimum and the maximum limit on the number of partners in the entity. The business can be managed by the partners in LLP. However, the designated partners have to bear the responsibilities for the legal compliances. Also the LLP cannot be formed for non-profit purposes.

Benefit of Limited Liability Partnership

LLP agreement

LLP agreement is the base for the roles and duties of each partner. It is the legal proof offer the liability of the partners in every LLP.

Member limit

Minimum Member limit of the Limited liability partnership is just two. More than 50 members are not acceptable one in LLP membership.

Legal compliance

There is no statutory record need to maintain for LLP functionality. Just the account book is enough at auditing time of LLP registration.

Change of members

There is no restriction for the change of members in LLP firm. As a legal entity type the company will not offend by its members’ misdeed.

Capital contribution

There is no fixed level of capital contribution following in the LLP registration. Any minimal amount can be used for the start-up of firm.

Perpetual Succession

Demise of the LLP members will not affect the existence of the Limited liability partnership firm. It can continue it process as its own name.


  • What is the concept of LLP in India?

    Limited liability partnership is an alternative option of corporate business in India. Contracts and perpetual succession of LLP is applicable one. Simply liability of the partners is limited to their contribution.

  • How LLP differ from Partnership firm?

    LLP firms are never affects with the irrespective change of partners. Traditional partnership firms are not follow this pattern is the basic distinction between this two types of registrations.

  • What is the structure of LLP?

    Limited liability Partnership registration is following the structure of partnership. It is the legal entity and allow to continue its perpetual succession until the dissolving of the company.

  • What are the advantages of LLP?

    LLP registration is approving under the base of the LLP agreement. It is the successful business model standing as a legal entity. Flexibleness of the company is following the terms of limited liability.

  • How LLP differ from Company?

    Statutory governance is the base of the company and its relating government companies also following the same rule. Limited liability is basically differs from the contract agreement from the partners as per LLP Act.

LLP Registration in Coimbatore